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  • Tax Alert - Decision Joint Court of Appeal regarding premium obligations AOV
  • Tax Alert - Budget Day Points of Attention Caribbean Netherlands
  • Tax Alert 2017 - New OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines Issued
  • Tax and Legal Alert Curacao 2017 - Curacao CoC dissolution
  • Tax Alert - Requests for a preliminary ruling in Caribbean tax cases to take effect


  • Tax Alert Curaçao - National Ordinance on tax relief for the historic downtown area and monuments
  • Tax Alert Curaçao - National Ordinance on investment tax relief
  • Tax Alert - Year End Tips 2016 Curacao
  • Tax Alert - National Ordinance on Pension Savings Schemes, Repair and Modernization of Tax Ordinances
  • Tax Alert - Enlargement of dispensation from use of fiscal cash registration system
  • Tax payments and refunds only online or by debit card as of October 1, 2016, Curaçao
  • FATCA agreement CUR-US takes effect
  • Extension of filling deadline for the 2015 profit tax returns for offshore companies
  • Court fee charges as of January 1, 2016 published
  • Appeal in Cassation for the Caribbean islands of the Dutch Kingdom
  • Changes Sickness and Accident Insurance (AUA)
  • Fiscal Unity allowed (CUR and SXM)
  • Entry into force of appeal with a higher court in tax cases (SXM)
  • Appeal with a higher court in tax cases SXM
  • Appeal with a higher court in tax cases CUR
  • New Tax Regulations Netherlands Sint Maarten

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