The Caribbean Netherlands

Tax on benefits derived from your real estate

Property tax is levied on benefits derived from real estate situated in The Caribbean Netherlands. This tax is payable by the individual or entity who, at the start of the calendar year, makes use of the property. The annual property tax payable can be substantial. The starting point is the property’s value, which is periodically set. It is therefore essential that the correct value is established.

How can DCTL help you?

The tax advisors of DCTL have specialized knowledge of property tax and can provide you with sound advice on this matter. By engaging our advisors you can rest assured that you will always receive the right answers to your questions about property tax and that they will devise the best solutions for your problems in this area. For example, they can assist you with drafting a notice of objection against valuation assessments prepared by the Netherlands Caribbean Tax Administration, or consult with them on your behalf with regard to this tax. With our specialized knowledge of property tax we are ideally suited to help you deal with this tax.