Not only for later

Whether you are an entrepreneur, director-major shareholder, employer or employee: sooner or later almost everyone is confronted with retirement. Complex pension regulations mean that employers and employees tend to drag their feet when it comes to optimizing their pension and/or other retirement provisions. A pension plan that does not comply with tax regulations can have serious financial consequences.

How can DCTL help you?

The tax advisors at DCTL can: 

  • advise you at an early stage on the creation and implementation of an optimum pension plan for your business;
  • evaluate your current pension plan and advise on how to improve it;
  • assist you with presenting your pension plan to the tax authorities;
  • advise on cross-border pension issues, such as transferring pension benefits abroad and working for a foreign employer;
  • advise on pension plans and/or other retirement plans for executives, board members and director-major shareholders;
  • advise on how best to administer your pension plan for tax purposes;
  • keep you up-to-date on the tax aspects of pension regulations.