A business-motivated transaction

A merger or acquisition is an important business decision that companies are increasingly confronted with. Once it has been decided to proceed with a merger or acquisition, an important issue that always needs to be considered is the tax component, both before, during and after the transaction.     

How can DCTL help you? 

DCTL provides the relevant advisory services for all the stages of a transaction. The following advisory services are of particular importance for you:

  • Tax due diligence: this identifies the facts and potential risks with regard to the tax position of a business and forms a solid basis for planning an acquisition structure. You determine the scope: for example, a quick scan analyzes the main features of the most important tax aspects.
  • Tax structuring: the tax-efficient structuring of a merger or acquisition can determine the correct tax liability.
  • Transaction documentation: a tax opinion on acquisition contracts, financing documentation and other documentation on the transaction.
  • Post-acquisition structuring: we provide advice on how best to integrate, both nationally and internationally, the business activities after a merger or acquisition. The aim is to create a tax-efficient structure.