Employees with specific expertise

Your desire to take advantage of tax relief in order to recruit foreign employees with specific expertise and have them work for your company can give rise to various tax issues. The specific nature of the regulation means it is vital that you receive sound tax advice on it.

How can DCTL help you?  

DCTL is an all-round and experienced service provider with extensive and specific experience with the application of the expatriate regulation in the various jurisdictions in which it operates. We offer customized tax advice on questions such as:

  • What are the eligibility criteria for applying for the expatriate regulation?
  • What tax benefits can the regulation deliver in your specific situation?
  • Which salary components are exempt?

DCTL can also provide assistence with the following tax matters:

  • Applying for the expatriate regulation and ensuring that it is filed on time.
  • Preparing and filing the annual personal income tax returns for the expatriates.
  • Extending the tax relief upon termination of an employee’s expatriate status or upon change of employer.
  • Providing updates on the expatriate regulation.