The additional advantages of an economic zone

Establishing your business in an economic zone (“e-zone”) on Curaçao will enable you to take advantage of all sorts of tax benefits. To establish your business in this zone it must comply with a number of specific conditions. The e-zone legislation is complex, but by means of sound advice you can become familiarized, in an understandable way, with the tax benefits available under this scheme.

How can DCTL help you?  

DCTL can help you with the request for establishing your business in the e-zone. Our specialists closely examine the conditions with which a business must comply, so that you can make the best use of the benefits on offer. We also provide you with an analysis of the tax implications of moving to an economic zone. This analysis is not only limited to profit tax; there are numerous benefits to be gained from turnover and payroll tax. DCTL has built up good relations with the government agencies involved and can therefore best represent your interests.