After the dismantling of The Netherlands Antilles on October 10, 2010, the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba became special municipalities within The Netherlands proper and are legally referred to as The Caribbean Netherlands. The population of The Caribbean Netherlands is approximately 22,000, of which approximately 17,500 live on Bonaire. The official currency of The Caribbean Netherlands is the US dollar.

DCTL provides tax advice to businesses and individuals in The Caribbean Netherlands with local and cross-border interests, investments or activities. An ideal combination of optimum tax position and maximum certainty is sought. The professionals have specific knowledge of and experience with the tax legislation of The Caribbean Netherlands and are uniquely placed to efficiently and expertly assist you with tax matters.

The office’s core activities consist mainly of advice on:

  • the starting and structuring of business activities on or from The Caribbean Netherlands
  • cross-border mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and restructuring
  • cross-border financing
  • real estate investment in or from The Caribbean  Netherlands 
  • types of legal forms (including joint ventures and partnerships)
  • intercompany services and the supply of goods (transfer pricing)
  • amendment of legislation and case law in The Caribbean Netherlands and its implications for Dutch investors
  • secondment of staff to and from The Caribbean Netherlands
  • cross-border option and pension plans
  • emigration to or from The Caribbean Netherlands
  • the provision and exchange of information between The Caribbean Netherlands and The Netherlands or other third countries.

The advisory services provided cover such areas as property tax, revenue tax, general consumption tax, real estate transfer tax, tax on games of chance, customs and excise duties, payroll tax, personal income tax, Dutch corporate income tax, Dutch dividend withholding tax and local taxes in The Caribbean Netherlands.

The close cooperation between the professionals of DCTL ensures that the knowledge and expertise of both organizations is used to its best advantage and that Caribbean Netherlands and Dutch legislation and regulations can be harmonized. If necessary, tax advice can be coordinated to take account of non-tax fields, such as legal and administrative services.