Foresight is the essence of good business succession

You have worked long and hard to build up a flourishing business as a sole trader, general partnership or a private limited liability company. However, the continuity of your business requires a successor to be found, whether this be a relative or someone outside your family. Or maybe it is just a good time to sell up and enjoy your retirement. What both situations have in common is: selling your business in the short or long-term. Maybe you already have a successor in mind.

How can DCTL help you?  

We can answer your questions about business succession.  

  • What are the tax implications?
  • Do I actually have to pay tax and if so, how much?     
  • Am I free to determine the selling price myself or do the tax authorities also have a say in this?     
  • If my successor cannot pay the purchase price outright, what options are available?        
  • And if I am unable to sell my business in one go, is a phased sale possible?
  • Can I retain an interest in the business and if so, how is this best structured?